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Three Men Had Been Friends For A Long Time And Each Night They

Topic: g-rated

Three men had been friends for a long time and each night they went out for a good time. But one of the men was always getting drunk.

One night the men were out together and the one that always drank too much passed out. The other two decided that they would teach him a lesson to try to get him to stop drinking.

They carried his drunken body to the cemetery where they found a grave that had been dug for a funeral the following day. They dropped him into the grave and left him.

The next morning the drunk awoke and was trying to figure out where he was. He finally managed to climb to the top of the hole.

He looked around and saw all of the tombstones and said, "Well, what do you know, Resurrection Day, and I'm the first one up!!"

ALPHA v0.3