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One Day A Frog Walked Into A Bank Looking For A Loan.. He Saw A

Topic: g-rated

One day a frog walked into a bank looking for a loan.. He saw a desk with a nameplate that said "Patty Black, Loan Officer. He sat down and Patty Black asked if he wanted a loan and the frog just smiled and nodded his head. She told him he would need something for collateral and again the frog just smiled and then placed a small figurine on her desk. Patty told the frog that this was an unusual thing to use for collateral and that she would have to clear it with the bank president. She then went to the bank president and told him what was going on and she didn't know what this figurine was for. The president looked at her and said "Why it's a knick-knack Patty Black, give the frog a loan!"

ALPHA v0.3