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A Certain Guy Sat Down At A Bar Stool And Said Bartender Give Me

Topic: g-rated

A certain guy sat down at a bar stool and said, "Bartender, give me my special." The bartender gave it to him. He drank it and went outside and proceeded to fly over a cliff. He came down and went back inside the bar. The guy sitting next to him replied, "How did you do that"? The guy then said, "Bartender, give me two of my specials." So the bartender did and the guy drank one and told the other fellow to drink the other. Then he said "Follow me outside after you drink it and I'll show you how." So the guy drank it down and then went outside and sure enough the other guy flew over the cliff again. So when he landed his friend tried it, but the first step he took he fell off the cliff to his death. The guy flying went back inside and the bartender said to him, "Superman, you really are a jerk when you drink."

ALPHA v0.3