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Was Tending Bar The Other Night When A Guy Came In Walking A Dog

Topic: g-rated

Was tending bar the other night when a guy came in, walking a dog, and with a parrot on his shoulder. "I'd like a drink," he said dryly, "but I don't have any money. Is it all right if I entertain the crowd here to pay for my drinks?"

The Bartender thought about it and decided it seemed all right. "Sure, go ahead, I'll take a chance," he said. Then it got weird. The guy pulled a toy piano from his pocket, set it on the bar, and put the dog in front of it. He moved the parrot to sit on the dog's shoulder. The dog started playing the piano, and boy could he play! The parrot sang along in a nice voice. They did classical, jazz, popular, you name it. This was great! He was attracting lots of business to the bar.

At the end of the night, I went up to him. "That was really great!"

"It's not all it seems," he whispered. "It's a fake."

"A fake? How?"

"The parrot can't sing worth a darn--the dog's a ventriloquist."

ALPHA v0.3