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A Passenger On A Train Watched In Astonishment As Ken Across The

Topic: g-rated

A PASSENGER on a train watched in astonishment as Ken across the aisle kept repeating the same pattern. First he would mumble a few words to himself, then he would smile, and finally he would raise his hand and stop talking for a few moments.

After observing this unusual behavior for close to an hour, the passenger finally brought himself to address Ken. "Excuse me, sir, but I couldn't help noticing what you were doing. Is anything wrong?"

"Not at all," replied Ken. "You see, whenever I take a trip, I get bored. And so I always tell myself jokes, which is why you saw me smiling."

"But why did you keep raising your hand?"

"Oh, that. It's to interrupt myself because I've heard that joke before."

ALPHA v0.3