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Bill Hillary And Al Gore Are On A Helicopter Tour To Kick Off

Topic: g-rated

Bill, Hillary and Al Gore are on a helicopter tour to kick off the campaign season when Hillary finds a hundred dollar bill. She starts to pocket it, but realizing that the press is watching, says, "I have a great idea! Let's throw this out the window and make one person very happy!"

Al Gore takes out his wallet and says, "Now that IS a fine idea, but I've got a better one. Give me the hundred. I've got two fifties. I'll throw them out the window and make two people happy!"

Bill takes out his wallet and says, "I've got an even better idea than that, Al! Give me the hundred. I have some twenties. I'll throw them out the window and make five people happy!"

About this time, the helicopter pilot - a Vietnam vet - leans back and says, "I've got the best idea. Give me back my hundred. I'll throw you three out and make EVERYBODY happy!

ALPHA v0.3