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On A Package Of Mms The Experation Date Is Listed As May 3 1995

Topic: g-rated

On a package of M&Ms the experation date is listed as "May 3, 1995; 8:07 a.m." What happens at 8:08?

They hatch. Then they start to eat their way out of whatever they are in-- the box, you, etc. Sometimes the strong ones will eat their weaker siblings. Once they are free, they will go in search of more food. Once they are satiated, they will mate and build a new nest. They like to build their nest in warm locations, such as vending machines.

Having built their nest, the female will fill it with new eggs. Both the male and female will then turn into a sticky film of gunk and coat any nearby surface.

You can avoid all this if you just chew them well.

ALPHA v0.3