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There Was This Terrible Plane Crash And A Bunch Of People Died

Topic: music

There was this terrible plane crash, and a bunch of people died, and went to heaven, and St. Peter looks at the first guy, and says:

(St. Peter) "How much money did you make last year?"

(Guy #1) "Oh...about $130,000.00"

(Pete) "Hmmmm. Nice income. What did you do for a living?"

(Guy) "I was a lawyer."

(Pete) "Nice profession. Pass on through the gates, to heaven."

The next guy comes up, and St Pete says:

(P) "How much did you make last year?"

(G) "$66,000.00."

(P) "Not bad. What did you do?"

(G) "I was a plumber."

(P) "Good, hard worker. You may pass on through the gates, to heaven."

Third guy goes up to the gate, and St. Peter says to him:

(P) "And how much did you make last year?"

(G) "Well... I had a pretty bad year. I only made about $2,000.00."

(P) "Two thousand, eh? What instrument did you play?"

ALPHA v0.3