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A Musician From The Chicago Symphony One Day Ran Across An Old

Topic: music

A musician from the Chicago Symphony one day ran across an old lamp at a garage sale, took it home, washed it up, and out popped a genie. Thank you kind sir for releasing me from this old lamp. I regret to say that you have encountered a poor, less powerful genie, and I can only grant you one wish, but wish away. said the genie.

Oh that's wonderful. I think I would really like to make a difference in the world with my one wish. said the musician. He thought for a moment and then reached for his atlas. Here's a map of the Middle East. The people who live there have been fighting for years and years. For my one wish, I would like to to bring peace to this land.

The genie, a little caught off guard, said Oh, well, ah... that's a little bit too much for even this old master to handle. Aah, ya see, these people... they're involved in that touchy religious stuff, and aah, the kids, aah, they begin fighting when they're just teenagers. I'm afraid you're going to have to make another wish.

Well, okay. said the musician. For my one wish, I would just once like to hear the Chicago Symphony viola section play in tune.

The genie quickly thought for a moment and replied, Um, let me take a look at those maps again.

ALPHA v0.3