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  Particle's Game of Life!

  You should really consider getting a Java capable browser... (or maybe just turning "java" on inside your browser...)
  Particle's Game of Life!
This is far from my best work! This is simply a sim to see the Game of Life. I couldn't find one, so, I've written one myself ;-)

The rules of life are simple. Imagine looking through a microscope and seeing little cells... if it gets too crowded, cells die, but cells cannot survive in solitude either.

Life can also sprung up when conditions are right however.

The simple rules are: if a cell is alive, and has less than two neighbors, or more than three neighbors, it dies. If a cell is dead, and has exactly three neighbors (right conditions) a cell comes to life.

More Features...!

There aren't many features in this, it's kind of like a "watch" applet, it takes no input from the user, etc. If all cells die (possible), you can do a "reload" on the page to start again with random setup.

Since I didn't know anything about life since yesterday (true, I didn't even know that such a game existed!) I can't explain it's "scientific" wonders... (mostly, mathematics.) But it sure was easy to implement, and looks wondrous on the net.

  Get it!
Yeah, I've decided to give it away!




1996-1998, Particle