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  Particle Scroller Particle
Particle This is my official release of the scroller and it's source!  The scroller has brought happiness to everybody who've seen it (kind of like a chain letter ;-).

This scroller is VERY special, it's been with me since I've started programming with Java. If you closely look into the source, you'll see lots and lots of stupidity within the source, (hey, it was years since I wrote it!)

However, I'd like to mention, that this source, DOES work almost everywhere, and if a browser is Java compatible, it WILL work! (since it's mostly JDK 1.0 stuff)

Tested on/with Internet Explorer 3, 4, Windows Netscape 3, 4, Linux Netscape 3.

WARNING: Does not work under Solaris version of Netscape!  Works perfectly under "appletviewer" under Solaris, but not Netscape... Have no idea why...

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1996-1998, Particle