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  You should really consider getting a Java capable browser... (or maybe just turning "java" on inside your browser...)
  Particle Scroller!
Yes, that's what it is... Another Particle Scroller!  This one is just a "test" applet I've written to test out my newly purchased Visual J++... But to my surprise, this "test" scroller may be even better than my 3 year old one.
More Features!
This scroller is a lot more advanced than the old one, this one is "more" threaded than the old one; basically this time around, I actually knew what I was doing...

A mouse handler has been added to allow the ability to "drag" the text back and forth...

Other than these "few" changes, this scroller pretty much does exactly the same things as the old one.

Get it!
  Here's a download section for it!  You can download the source, and recompile it yourself, and/or download the scroller.class file, and just use it.  Enjoy!




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